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170504 февраля 2009 г. 13:04KostNalu

Software: Финальная версия Skype 4.0

Компания Skype Ltd наконец-то выпустила финальную версию Skype Новая версия предлагает все те же возможности, которые были доступны и в предыдущих версиях, плюс новые возможности и исправления:- New style when copying and pasting text in an instant message (text quoting)
- Video Call in separate window
- All language localizations updated
improvement: Skype now creates thumbnails of display pictures
change: Get more ringtones and custom sounds link removed from options panel
change: Removed display bandwidth usage option
change: Dial pad will be opened automatically on call to landlines or mobiles
change: Increased minimum window size in compact mode
bugfix: Hot keys did not work
bugfix: Call button was sometimes greyed out after ending a call
bugfix: Registry keys under HKCU for disabling some features did not work
bugfix: Skype crashed on startup when router did not specify some details via uPnP
bugfix: Forward Error Correction did not work
bugfix: File sending was slow after changing profile picture
bugfix: When history was disabled then profile picture and mood were lost with restarting Skype
bugfix: Previously set call forwarding options were not shown after fresh installation of Skype
bugfix: Wrong error message was displayed when user tired to register a Skypename containing more than 32 characters.
bugfix: Skype did not maximize correctly when user had non-standard Windows taskbar placement
bugfix: In compact view it was not possible to start a call from main menu
bugfix: Skype did not remember chosen window size
bugfix: Skype crashed sometimes on changing between default and compact view
bugfix: It was not possible to resize Skype window if it was placed on second monitor which was on left side of main screen
bugfix: Prices in Japanese Yen on call phones tab were not displayed correctly when the price was either 0 or contained more than 1 decimal point
bugfix: Wrong call button was displayed for Outlook contacts
bugfix: It was not possible to unblock Outlook contact from SMS input field
bugfix: Executing menu items when pressing the enter key did not work
bugfix: Instant message entry box content was cleared when switching between compact and default view
bugfix: & sign was not displayed on instant message window header in compact view
bugfix: Incoming instant message notification was not cleared on full screen video call after reading the message
bugfix: In conversations list clearing quickfilter took focus from instant message input area
bugfix: It was not possible to add Outlook contacts to conversations
bugfix: SMS rate did not update when changing persons phone numbers in profile
bugfix: Remove read conversations was greyed out while on a call
bugfix: Creating new group conversation from single conversation did not take focus on participants side
bugfix: Some conversations were not marked as read after using "Mark all as read" option
bugfix: Skype crashed when opening dial pad on very small call window
bugfix: It was possible to try to open in progress file receiving
bugfix: After editing your contacts phone number type was forgotten
bugfix: Link to connect MySpace profile was missing on Personalize menu
bugfix: Changing client language did not take effect immediately
bugfix: Invite to conference context menu was available while recording voicemail
bugfix: Clear history did not work instantly
bugfix: It was not possible to remove last contact from custom category
bugfix: History showing missed calls showed also attempted calls
bugfix: Conversations were not marked as read correctly on group conversations
bugfix: Online status on focused conversation was not updated on time
bugfix: First contact in Choose contacts from was not visible by default
bugfix: Adding a call, which was on hold, to a conference did not work
bugfix: In profile contacts country was not localized
bugfix: Context menus in conference did not work correctly
bugfix: Installation failed with error 1638 in case upgrading Skype and the previous MSI packages were removed
bugfix: Login and Welcome screen in Arabic localization were misaligned
bugfix: Disabling API via registry key did not remove option to manage other programs accessСкачать Skype

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