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RadEdit - BIOS editor for Radeon-based videocards

RadEdit 1.1D

  Last version created by A.Yakovlev (author stopped support of this utility).

    Implemented features:

 • added support for some non-ATI Radeon 9000/9000Pro and ATI Radeon 9700Pro bioses (new version of flasher is needed);

 • minor bug fixes;

Download RadEdit 1.1D.

RadEdit 1.102 beta

    Implemented features:

 • added support of ATI Radeon 9000/9000Pro and ATI Radeon 9700Pro bioses (new version of flasher is needed);

 • improved compatibility with number of ATI partners' cards bioses;

 • removed CAS editing function;

 • minor bug fixes;

Download RadEdit 1.102 beta.

RadEdit 1.1

    Implemented features:

 • DOS refresh rate change;

 • BIOS Reconstruction for Gigabyte AP64DH;

Download RadEdit 1.1 (Windows GUI version, DOS version).

RadEdit 1.0

    Implemented features:

 • 9x16 and 8x14 fonts bugfix;

 • View fonts...;

 • 'None' TVstd always present;

 • VendorID change;

 • no more Win32 console version;

 • GUI no more loads files with bad checksums;

 • Radeon 8500 BIOS reconstruction;

 • no more checksums in GUI;

 • more support for non-ATi (Gigabyte) bioses;

 • some minor changes.

Download RadEdit 1.0 (Windows GUI version, DOS version).

RadEdit 0.99

    Implemented features:

 • ATi header dump.

 • 'ram' pseudo file name in RadClkD.

 • key '/a' enables all TV standards (DOS version).

 • key '/r' BIOS image restore stub for future (DOS version)...

 • Add editing of memory type and timings: SDR/DDR, CAS.

 • All TV standards are marked 'supported' when checkbox is on (only for some bioses).

 • clocks change when SDR/DDR mismatch (for All-in-wonder 8500DV).

 • Bug fixed.

Download RadEdit 0.99 (Windows GUI version, Console Windows version + DOS version).

RadEdit 0.98

    Implemented features:

 • English help kindly edited by Ichneumon from

 • 9x16 fonts support.

 • TV init combobox.

 • CRTon/TVon checkboxes.

 • Type2 script detection (looking for Rage128 real clocks...)

 • 'List unsupported TV standards' checkbox added.

 • support added for bioses with VendorID != 0x1002 e.g. 'P/N113-PP-7112-100 PC PARTNER RV100 4MX16 SDR'.

 • if real clocks not found - it is shown in GUI instead of zeroes.

 • max image size changed to 64k.

 • min/max clocks set to 50/450.

Download RadEdit 0.98 (Windows GUI version, Console Windows version + DOS version).

RadEdit 0.96

    Implemented features:

 • Help system in English and in Russian.

 • Additonal information about videocard BIOS - 32k-checksum.

 • Some small changes.

Download Windows GUI version, Console Windows version + DOS version.


    This is the first universal bios editor for Radeon-based videocards. This program let you modify clock speeds and BIOS fonts for any videocard based on R100, RV100, RV200, R200 chips. Version 0.95 - was the first public release. Program accepts bios image file as input data and generates correct output bios image file as a result of processing. Program has variations as described below (you can download this progs from here):

 • RadEdit.exe - Windows version of editor with GUI

 • RadClk.exe - Console Windows version of editor

 • RadClkD.exe - DOS version of editor

    Comprehensive user guide will be available soon. Below we've published some hints for using these programs.

Windows GUI version

    Main screen:

    BIOS editing procedure:

 • load bios image into editor (from file in *.rom format);

 • change clock setting as u like (this settings will be default for your videocard). Note: For videocards based on chips R100, RV100 clocks should be synchronous.

 • load another fonts with alternative language symbols for example, (this procedure will be described later);

 • press button "Update CRC" for updating CRC and checksum;

 • save resulting bios image into file.

Console version of editor

    Command-line parameters description:

    RadClk [/d] [/l|/s] bios.rom [core_clock memory_clock] [newbios.rom]

 • RadClk - program name;

 • /d - display chip initialization parameters

 • /l - load fonts from files font8x8.fnt and font8x16.fnt into bios image file;

 • /s - saves fonts from bios image file into files font8x8.fnt and font8x16.fnt;

 • bios.rom - input bios image file name;

 • core_clock - in MHz;

 • memory_clock - in MHz;

 • newbios.rom - output bios image file name. If not specified, the results will be saved into bios.rom.


    RadClk.exe bios.bin - shows information stored in bios.bin.

ATi Radeon series BIOS clocking utility, Version 0.9.5 beta
Written by Alex Yakovlev aka Alex14N,

Image size: 0xC000 (49152 bytes)

Date: 2001/11/07 14:12
ID 1: RADEON 8500 113-85702-103 BIOS
ID 2: BK7.4.0 VR000. ldfyy1pp.103 v611
ID 4: 0x1002 0x514C / 0x1002 0x013A

Reference clock: 27.00 Mhz
X-CLK / M-CLK: 275.00 / 275.00 MHz

Core clocking: 274.50 MHz (122*2.25)
Memory clocking: 274.50 MHz (122*2.25)

Built-in initialization TV standard: PAL

CRC: 51D6E1AE, file1: 51D6E1AE file2: 51D6E1AE
Checksum: BE00, file1: BE00 file2: BE00

    RadClk.exe bios.bin 268 266 - sets clocks in bios.bin to 268 MHz for core and 266 MHz for memory.

    RadClk.exe bios.bin fixed.bin - loads bios.bin, shows it parameters, and writes it into fixed.bin, fixing checksums if needed.

    RadClk.exe /d bios.bin > script.txt - writes bios parameters and bios initialization program into script.txt file

Alex[ander] Yakovlev

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