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ATi RefreshFix for Win XP and Win2k.


Voron K. (int13H)



It is widely known, that Windows 2k and Windows XP are incapable of determining and setting optimal refresh rates in OpenGL and Direct3D applications. In some games (for example Q3-based games an Serious Sam (FE/SE)) user may force optimal refresh rate by means of game settings. But the number of such "smart"games is rather small. Most of the games under Windows 2000/XP leave user no choice besides default 60Hz (or 75hz). Of course, 60Hz is not the best mode to play or work.

Main function of this program is to solve this problem by letting user specify optimal refresh rates under Windows 2000 and XP for OpenGL and Direct3D modes. User may specify 1 refresh rate for 1 resolution.

Supported videocards:

  • ATI RAGE PRO (not completely tested).
  • ATI RAGE 128/RAGE 128 PRO.
  • RADEON (including LE, VE, 7500, 8500).

Version 0.70 or newer let u manage other undocumented registry keys to improve performance and picture quality like force anisotropic filtering in Direct3D and so on. (Note: anisotropic filtering in Direct3D is supported only with drivers with version 6006 (2K/XP), 9008 (98/ME) or newer and only for Radeon 8500).

For each resolution this program disables all refresh rates lesser that u've set. For Example if u specify 100Hz, refresh rates like 60hz, 75Hz, 85Hz and 90Hz will be disabled both in 2D and 3D modes.

Program does this by means of registry key DALRestrictedModesBCD (and some others). Program is not resident.

Note! It will be impossible to set in 2D refresh rates which u deny. Operate carefully. Switching on "Hide unsupported modes" is recomended (Control Panel=> Display=> Settings=> Advanced=> Monitor), check settings in (Control Panel=> Display=> Settings=> Advanced=> ATI Monitors=> Monitor) and check for workability all modes, that u set up in program. Functionality of each specified mode should be verified before program start.

First public version with English interface - 0.62.

  • Monitor settings in ATI Driver tab's can be automatically corrected.
  • Program no longer prompt to restart, if no changes has been made.
  • Program now can create report file with all nesessary registry brances and system information.
  • Fixed some bugs on 6011 drivers.
  • Added forcing of anisotropic filtering (on new drivers only).
  • Added management for advanced driver settings.
  • Added 1280x768 resolution.

RefreshFix 0.91 beta

  • [+] Added detection of non-standart resolution.
  • [+] Added autodetection of avalible refresh rates.
  • [+] Added selection of current card.
  • [!] Disabled bit depths management - it offen doesn't work correctly under XP.
  • [-] Disabled bug with placement of "Force anisotropic filtering" key.
  • [-] Some small bugs fixed.

RefreshFix 0.95 beta

  • [+] Added translation with help of the LNG files.
  • [-] Fixed changing of "Advanced settings" - 0.91 may doesn't save that settings.
  • [-] Fixed phantom 0x0 resolution.
  • [+] "Ignore monitor capabilities" setting now automatically synchronizes with Control Panel.
  • [*] Refresh management for resolutions lower than 640x480 is disabled.
  • [!] Added autorecovery (Warning: it works only if "Autologon" enabled).

RefreshFix 0.96 beta

  • [-] Fixed some incompatibilities with 6018 drivers (Win2k/WinXP)

RefreshFix 0.97 beta

  • [-] Fixed phantom 0x0 resolution on some old drivers.
  • [+] Program now should work with drivers for Rage 128/PRO from DELL.
  • [-] Fixed crashes while lng file contains empty strings.
  • [-] Fixed "Can't find ati.pci" after changing program's directory.
  • [-] Fixed some errors with autorecovery.

RefreshFix 0.98 beta

  • [+] Added management for resolutions lower than 640x480.
  • [+] Added Non-standart resolutions management.
  • [*] Interface changed.
  • [+] Added uninstallation.
  • [+] Added manual registry recovery.
  • [-] Some small bugs fixed.
  • [+] Updated PCI ID's.

RefreshFix 0.99 beta

  • [-] Fixed multiple main forms.
  • [-] Fixed multiple restart requests during "first run".
  • [-] Fixed creation of the Registry backups (prev. versions may doesn't create backups, if installation path was contained spaces).
  • [-] Disabled language selection in "Check Mode".
  • [+] Added new registry keys.
  • [+] Added frequency autoselection.


  • [*] Improved working with registry.
  • [+] Added new registry keys.
  • [+] Added registry keys deletion from program (grayed checkbox).
  • [-] Fixed "Driver tabs" in Windows XP.
  • [-] Fixed Monitor's settings autocorrection in Windows XP.
  • [*] Fixed first restart.


  • [*] Disabling of driver's restrictions improved.
  • [-] Fixed problems with 6058/XP drivers.
  • [+] "Registry Clean" added.
  • [+] Support of RAGE PRO series added (not tested).
  • [+] New "Advanced Settings" added.

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Language files:


  • [*] Improved capability with CATALYST drivers.
  • [!] Completely changed translation system.
  • [-] Minor bugfixes.
  • [-] Fixed detection of "Desktop" registry branch.
  • [+] Updated PCI ID's.

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